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Friday, August 19, 2011

New feature for ImageMapster: Resize image maps in real time

I have been adding a lot of features to ImageMapster, my jQuery plugin for imagemap manipulation, over the last couple months. Unfortunately its been piecemeal and I have not had time to update the (awful) project home page to demonstrate the new features. But this is pretty neat so I wanted to put it out there before I fix up the web site. Kind of a natural extension to that little resizer tool I have here.. it took a bit of doing to make it all work with the internals of the plug-in, but now you can just plop in any image + imagemap, and make it any size you want. ImageMapster will take care of scaling everything.

With a little cleverness using divs and hidden overflow, you ought to be able to make this zoom to an area that's been clicked. Start with a higher-resolution image than what you want to show on screen initially, and the detail will be preserved when you zoom. (That will get added to the plugin down the road too!)

First click on a couple states to make some selections... then click one of the buttons.

Does it work for you? It seems to be good in everything I've tried so far. Please let me know if it breaks on your browser.

(may break your browser if too big)

Try mousing over the map while it's resizing, depending on the browser, it even kinda works! I don't actually change the imagemap itself until the end, so it's not going to detect the mouse in the right position. But because of the way canvas proportions work, it will still highlight an area properly (maybe just not the one you were over while in mid-animation). It's interesting to see how the browser handles all that mayhem.

Code is pretty much this:
<img style="width:720px;border:0;margin:auto;" id="usa_image" src="" usemap="#usa">

$(document).ready(function() {

    $('#make_small').bind('click',function() {
    $('#make_big').bind('click',function() {
    $('#make_any').bind('click',function() {

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