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Friday, September 23, 2011

ImageMapster 1.2 released

I "finalized" version 1.2 of ImageMapster, which includes a few major new features and a slew of other improvements. Of course, even after waiting two months to officially call it 1.2, I found a couple bugs within hours of releasing it. Such is life. So we're already at 1.2.2 which corrects a couple minor issues on the initial release.

I also finished a significant update to the project web site which I hope will make it a lot easier for new users to understand the plugin, its features, and getting started.

The new version includes many new features (most of which have been in the beta for a month or two):

  • Automatically scale image map data to match the effective image size using scaleMap option
  • resize method will resize an existing, bound imagemap dynamically with visual effects
  • includeKeys can be used to bind staticState areas to active areas and mouse events will affect active areas. That is, if area A is staticState=false and area B is normal, using includeKeys='B' for the area A data will mean that mousing over of clicking area A will cause action on area B.
  • Performance and stability improvements on startup with complex or slow-loading images across all browsers (some edge cases, especially with certain Firefoxes and IE7, didn't bind consistently).

  • ... and lots of other little improvements/tweaks/fixes. See change log on github for everything.

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